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Welcome to the Housing Options Checker

This tool will ask you a number of questions and then guide you through the different housing options that may be available for you to explore to help you find a home.

Anyone supporting you to find housing can complete the questions with you or on your behalf with your permission.

When you have answered all the questions you will be provided with a summary of your answers. Check and then submit your answers. You will receive housing options available for you. Links to external sites providing advice and information are displayed in blue text. Clicking on these links will open the website. Close the window to return to the housing options.

Our homes are in great demand and only a small number of people on the Housing Register are successful in being rehoused. This is because there are not enough homes for everyone. There are other housing options that may make it easy and quicker for you to find a home, move home or help you stay in your current home.

If you are interested in joining the Housing Register you must first complete this housing options assessment.

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